Archiving cryptocurrencies for the future
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1 : Daniel Gomes

Since 2008 the Cryptocurrency market has revolutionised the world by innovating and expanding into other areas (e.g., finance and art). However, with this rapid expansion, many projects are created every day, giving rise to a wide and varied range of websites, technologies and scams. Markets follow financing stages and it is during an initial stage of euphoria that more projects are created. We believe that as the Cryptocurrency market stabilises, projects/websites are disappearing because funding diminishes or runs out. is a research infrastructure that preserves historical web data mainly related to Portugal. However, it also includes thematic collections of international interest. initiated a new web archive collection that preserves web content that documents Cryptocurrency activities.

This presentation will discuss the information sources selected to create this collection, the information processing process and how we can use to explore the archived documents. This work will also produce a new open dataset with information documenting each cryptocurrency project, including its original URL and link to the corresponding web-archived version in We believe that by creating this new dataset related to cryptocurrencies and by preserving all the corresponding web content, it has the potential to originate innovative scientific contributions in several areas such as Economy or Digital Humanities.

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